More Handclaps!

andersonrandom replied to your post: I usually draw the teaser/promo images…

What game is that?

Bingo Blitz! It is a social F2P casino game on FB and mobile, so no offense taken if you have not heard of it, haha.

But if you are into casual games and seeing cats I drew dressed in dumb outfits, you should give it a try!

also HI

I tend to avoid tumblr since I never have time for full, “good” art (and then I feel guilty), but I’m gonna try to get over that and post the dumb things I doodle in between work that I usually never show anybody. Maybe? Potentially? I’m Ron Burgundy?

wrist exercises?

HI boring post warning but

does anyone know any good links to wrist exercises? Or wrist brace recs? What started as a mild wrist stiffness has turned into a full blown hand/arm aching “wow just drawing one line sure hurts huh” sorta thing. Tumblr is full of artists, so I figured some of you guys might have been through this before.

ANYWAY here’s a Dr. Mario twitter doodle so this post isn’t completely the worst. Thanks!