More Handclaps!

recent twitter doodles posted out of context

tiny Deku link sketch I made during the AGDQ Majora’s Mask speedrun that is TOO TINY for a real post

naekolehasposts asked: hello! i love you. not much of an ask, but you'll always be my most treasured. *holds closely and whisper gently* dont leeeaveeee meeeeeeeeeeeeee, foreveeeerrrrr x

Waah, too sweet! I’m not leaving, I’m still here! I just feel guilty not posting art so then I just… don’t post anything at all, whoops.

I’m (slightly) more active on Twitter and Facebook if any of you wanna talk about dumb video game stuff and cats there.

Thank you for the message! <3 Sorry I am bad at tumblr. Sorry I am bad at the internet.