More Handclaps!

Guild Wars 2

If anyone is playing on the Gate of Madness server, I am playing a Human Thief named Wilkesie (the ones I wanted were taken, don’t judge me). Also an Engineer named after the chick from Goldeneye, but I can’t remember how to spell her name right now YEAH.

Anyway, here is a quick Flash doodle of said thief while I wait for files to upload. See you in game!

  1. shadowhatter said: I wouldn’t mind playing with you…wish you were in Sea of Sorrows :(
  2. mistermollusk said: Ah, I’m loving Guild Wars 2. Great fun.
  3. notveryraven said: I like MMOs.. I should get this game, right? Right? RIGHT?????
  4. dommifox said: Aah Incan never seem to join friends on the same server thanks to overflow :( apart from that, I died at least 20 times today on one mission! Yay us for dying so much! <:
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