More Handclaps!

la-nita asked: Hi Lizzy, hope you're doing fine, we (your followers) are missing you! ;^; at least I know that I do :/

Aww, thank you! I miss you guys, too! I’ve just been bogged down by anxiety stuff, so I haven’t been drawing much outside of work (or really been on tumblr in general). Nothing serious, just me being lame, haha.

BUT I’m on Facebook all da time, so I can friend people there if anyone’s interested. I’m not hard to find, but feel free to message me and I’ll give ya a link.

I feel bad just writing a block of text and not posting any pictures after so long, so here is a tiny photo of me as The Doctor from Halloween:

  1. jasoncarrington said: I feel like I’ve been dong the same thing Liz, I hope you’re coping better than I am. And you should dress up as a london Cop for next halloween. XD
  2. notveryraven said: OMG
  3. spitecho said: Doctor’s dream of being a ginger is fulfilled at last.
  4. la-nita said: Awwww, glad to know you’re doing fine, except for the anxiety part of course… and hey! what a great costume, I know a couple of friends who would be jealous! xD Thanks for the reply, do take care!~ *hug*
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