More Handclaps!

So excited, you guys, SO EXCITED. Is anyone else going to E3?

  1. notveryraven said: before I had scrolled down and really looked at it I mean
  2. notveryraven answered: I swear to God I thought the E3 logo was a stylized cartoon of a sexy pinup lady holding her hair up
  3. cspainey answered: Never have I wanted to reach into a photograph and grab something so badly. And I’ve seen, like, 20 photos of cakes today.
  4. irrevenant said: Lolno… asshole…
  5. beetlejuicebaby answered: no but my bf wishes he was
  6. mothswing said: i wish.
  7. patrickc5 answered: im going to be watching it, so so so many awesome games coming out. new star wars unleashed>.< dem lightnen fangers
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