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Aah Incan never seem to join friends on the same server thanks to overflow :( apart from that, I died at least 20 times today on one mission! Yay us for dying so much!

Ah, yeah, Overflow can be annoying! There is a lot of logging out/logging back in to try to get the join feature to work. Hopefully that gets better soon.

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I like MMOs.. I should get this game, right? Right? RIGHT?????

Totally!! I am liking it because it actually encourages you to explore/craft/do non-battley things. There are no monthly subscriptions, either, which is a plus. Also the characters are purty.

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SPEAKING OF VIDEOGAMES do you play things on Xbox and if so can we be friendzzzz? I’m using that machine more than ever before and sometimes I even have an Internet connection and, most of all, I like/want to play w/you

I have an Xbox but I haven’t played it in… a year or so, haha. )’: I think the last thing I played on it was Tales of Vesperia or the original Mass Effect maybe? I LIKE RPGS.

I use Steam, though! And PSN, though more so Steam. I am playing The Witcher 2 on it right now (did I mention I like RPGs)! You can find my profile HERE and see all of my beautiful screenshots of boobs and sea rabbits if you are into that.

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YES YAY I love it when you draw Pokémon but also anything. I secretly miss yr webcomic

Man, I secretly miss making my webcomic! I’m just too tired after I get home from work to do anything but terrible doodles lately. ONE DAY.


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!!!! where did you get that!

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Omg, I NEED your coffee mug.

It is from Fangamer! It was a birthday present from my Ma, cause she is the best.

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I LOVE HALLOWEEN! is Halloween your favorite holiday, Lizzy?

Though Christmas is pretty awesome, too. Except I always end up going overboard on presents and then become SO POOR.

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do a million photoshop tutorials so long as they have cute and funny art! teach me how to put someone’s head on someone else’s body! teach me how to dougie!

You mean like this?

A girl has to have some secrets!!

Also, I do not know how to dougie. I have failed you.

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I love the babes you draw!!!!!! feel better, Lizzy! if you ever need to talk about feelings with a relative Internet-rando I hella love feelings talk and feelings listens. let me use the word feel a lot feel feel feel

Aw, you are a doll, sir! And I am good! I did not mean to sound whiny, haha. It is more just my body physically hating me than an emotional thing, which is kind of obnoxious (oh, you bought something delicious for lunch? how about a 2 hour panic attack so you can’t eat it, HIYOOOOO). I appreciate the gesture, though. :) Except now the word “feel” looks really weird to me, damn you…!

OK, I hate just having walls of text on here (what am I, literate??), so here is a random otter macro because, again, otters are awesome:

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Voyager has the Borg too, y’know! Seven of Nine! but okay, TNG! and I am trying to watch at least a few episodes of every Doctor pre-Nine (I have enjoyed the reboot’s pilot already!) so I ~*~*kNoW wHeRe I cAmE fRoM*~*~ even though it’s not required!

OK, I give you that! But Voyager also has Neelix, and Neelix negates anything awesome. 

Oh and dude, your nerd cred is better than mine then. I have not watched any DW pre-Nine.

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I only ever watched a lil bit of Voyager (which everyone hates!!!!! it was for school. liberal arts!); where should I start watchin Star Trek? TOS? TNG? plz help a nerd noob

HMMMM I am obviously very biased since I grew up with TNG, but WHATEVER it is THE BEST. It’s got the motherfucking Borg, OK. How can you beat that. And Picard > Kirk. If anyone disagrees, I will fight you.

Speaking of super nerdy shows, you should watch Doctor Who, too, if you don’t already. And The X-Files. And then we can be sci-fi beeeest fwieeeends.

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GOD LIZZY I LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCHHHHHHH (I hope this doesn’t seem insincere because all caps because I super-mean it, girl)

You are like my own personal cheerleader, Mr. Andrew! Tell me what you want a picture of and I will TOTALLY DRAW IT.

I found another awkward/terrifying animal picture for you, too. YOU ARE SO WELCOME. <3