More Handclaps!

aboutnaekole-deactivated2013060 asked: I want to ask, where do you get your inspirations from? Because I use to draw, but I found it so difficult to stick to one style, and when I jumble them, they become scarily ugly :(
I think you are an amazing artist, I want to draw and paint like you. Please advise me <3

D’aww. I am sure your attempts are not as bad as you think! Artists tend to be the greatest critics of their own work (I know I for sure am).

Whenever I find a new artist I like on tumblr (or elsewhere), I always ask myself the same questions - What do I like about their art? Do they have any tutorials (if they do, bookmark that shit, son)? Would applying some of their techniques to my art make it better? Just looking at someone else’s work can improve your art like woah.

Of course, having a Dashboard full of artists you like can be a double-edged sword.

OK, putting a link to some of my favorite tumblr artists in a new post since I rambled too much on this one. Onward!


I want to say thanks for the new follows, likes, and reblogs I’ve received lately!

I love that we all share a love of the doctor, and so I made this gif for you.

Kaaaate, teach me your GIF making skillz. Here, I made you a beautiful present: