More Handclaps!

Manga Studio

I just got Manga Studio for my Surface (since the pressure sensitivity in PS doesn’t work), and I was wondering if anyone has any HOT TIPS or TUTORIALS for it?

I am liking it a lot so far (much more than Sketchbook Pro), but this is basically as far as I’ve gotten with the tools

Here is a question mark for replies?

Guild Wars 2

If anyone is playing on the Gate of Madness server, I am playing a Human Thief named Wilkesie (the ones I wanted were taken, don’t judge me). Also an Engineer named after the chick from Goldeneye, but I can’t remember how to spell her name right now YEAH.

Anyway, here is a quick Flash doodle of said thief while I wait for files to upload. See you in game!

Anonymous asked: If you don't mind me asking, how much did you get paid do the rainbow kittens haha I've been looking into starting commissions and I have just no idea where to even start with the pricing and all that jazz, also...I'll admit I am a little curious of how much someone will pay for rainbow cats art xD

Haha, as far as commissions go, here is my advice!

Estimate how long you think each type of illustration (sketch, colored, etc) will take you. Let’s say a full blown illustration takes you 4 hours from sketch to final render (just for an even number). If you charge $20 for that, that’s $5.00/hr. Which means you’re working below minimum wage. Which is terrible. I see super talented artists undercharging on tumblr ALL THE TIME and you guys make me wanna cry.

Anyway! Once you have that set, find an hourly rate you’re comfortable with and estimate your prices from there. If you’re just starting out, maybe start on the lower side of the spectrum - you can always bump up your prices later. It all boils down to how valuable you think your time is. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, TUMBLR.

I just started Season 4 of Supernatural

I understand now. I understand everything, Tumblr. It is like I was living in the dark and then I was exposed to the light and that light’s name is Castiel.

ANYWAY, I am sorry for being terrible at updating. Netflix is a cruel mistress and takes up all of my free time lately. Also my tablet is like 3 feet away and that is so far. So far that I drew this terrible Castiel that looks like Nathan Drake: Accountant with my mouse in MS Paint just so I would have something to post.

And now back to Supernatural, brb.

I shouldn’t try and find new music when I am really tired.

Avicii vs. Journey mashup? Downloaded.

The Klaxons covering Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”? Yes, good.

Oh god there are handclaps in this one oh god I don’t care what the rest of the song sounds like I need it

Anonymous asked: Hi! :) Do you mind if I ask you for advice? You don't have to answer! :) But, um, on your faq it says you have a Bamboo fun, I was thinking about buying one, since I'm too poor to buy anything over $150. um...Would you say it's a good tablet, for a beginner? Or should I try saving up and getting something more pricy? Thank you. Jesse :)

My Bamboo Fun lasted me all through college - great tablet! It’s a bit dated now, though. You could probably buy something newer for cheaper. The Bamboo Connect is only $80 new, for instance. No buttons/mouse, but using a mouse on these always felt… really awkward anyway.

If you want something even cheaper, don’t be scared of refurbished tablets! Just a quick search and I found a Wacom for $55 with some pretty good reviews. Again, nothing fancy, but you don’t really need fancy when you’re first starting out. All the extra buttons and doodads are nice, but they aren’t necessary. Some people even prefer a smaller tablet over the massive, pricey ones!

I just bought a new Cintiq so I can’t… really talk, haha. If anyone has any other suggestions (or experience with the new Bamboo line) let me know!

I keep trying to test out the new Fan Mail feature by sending myself messages like the totally not lame person I am, but it just makes my page freeze.

Now the button’s not even in my inbox anymore.

I broke everything.

Side Blog!

Yoyoyo! I made a side Tumblr where I can reblog things and write stupid text posts without feeling like I am clogging this one up. There will still be plenty of stupid on this blog, just in the form of art, so not much is changing.

Anyway, if you see an RGBoo reblogging your things, that is me!

Well, I WAS going to Livestream…

…But apparently trying to record emulators on this Mac does not work very well. The screen starts flashing at random times, and I would rather not give any of you guys seizures. I mean, I guess. Maaaan, I made a (bad) graphic and EVERYTHING. Oh well.

I’m (hopefully) building a badass PC this week (I am not getting a new computer just to play Skyrim or anything), so maybe next weekend. And maybe I won’t play games from 20 years ago.

And now I need to get off of Tumblr before I accidentally see any more Doctor Who spoilers.